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4ply Sock yarn

4ply Sock yarn

SKU: SY3SB2150

Bundle of 3, 4ply 50g skeins

90% Mohair 10% Greyfaced Dartmoor sheep wool

Natural grey, dyed shades of berry. This bundle knits up to 2 pairs of socks!


Mohair is the ideal fibre for sock yarn. It is smooth, strong & very hard weaing.

Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, The socks remain sweat & odour free.

The Mohair blended with Greyfaced Dartmoor sheep wool gives this yarn extra strength.


Suitable for all 4ply knitting projects.

Use these co-ordinated coloured yarns to knit any combination of striped socks


Standard flat rate £3.00 post & packaging to all UK destinations.

    150 Grams
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